SINCE THE FIRST SPECSAVERS opened in New Zealand in 2008, customer service has been the brand’s number one priority.

Specsavers hires staff for their caring and committed attitude and then puts them through a very stringent training programme.

The Specsavers customer service culture means that the people who own the store work in the store, which allows them to stay in touch with their customers' needs on the shop floor.

Specsavers staff are encouraged to go above and beyond the call of duty for their customers every day.

Specsavers recognises that its customers are the life blood of its business and the brand's commitment to its customers is lifelong – it's not just about the sale on the day. As such, it is constantly measuring its ability to deliver the service that their customers expect.

In 2017, it will further improve its measurement processes and will be releasing CREATE: a new, customer-focused training course across all New Zealand stores to make sure the needs of the customer are never forgotten and that the service provided them is consistent from store to store.

Visit www.specsavers.co.nz for more information.