CELEBRATING MORE THAN 150 YEARS OF BUSINESS, the quality homewares brand Briscoes has become a New Zealand icon. Its motto, ‘You’ll never buy better’ has defined and underpinned its success and longevity.

The Kiwi store started out as an 18th-century British trading company, and began selling in Dunedin in 1862. Originally it was a hardware retailer supplying prospectors during the Gold Rush in the early 1860s with shovels, picks, tents and lanterns.

Today Briscoes is well known for its homeware products and the company is a household name in New Zealand, thanks in part to distinctive advertisements with its familiar jingle and, of course, Tammy Wells aka ‘The Briscoes Lady’. Tammy started with Briscoes in 1989 and is still going strong, boasting one of the longest careers in New Zealand broadcasting.

Retail entrepreneur Rod Duke took over the business in 1988 and under his leadership Briscoes branched away from selling toys, boats and building products to concentrate on a strategy to become the leading retailer in homewares.

The 1990s signalled Briscoes’ repositioning, as Duke continued on a course to swap the chain’s industrial image for a more customer-friendly retail destination.

It now boasts 45 stores throughout the country, enabling customers to create their ideal living space wherever they reside.

Briscoes continues to deliver results that outpace competitors, with strong sales recorded in the core homeware categories.

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