Carpet Court

CARPET COURT is New Zealand’s largest retailer of flooring, with a longstanding presence in the market and a quality reputation. Since 2004 it has installed hundreds of thousands of metres of flooring in Kiwi homes and has rolled out a new-look store design to help support the customer through improved layout, and helping customers imagine various options and colours in a more realistic environment.

Carpet Court’s customers are looking for a solution to a problem that may have been triggered by an event, which could be an insurance claim, a new home, the decision to sell an existing home or tenants moving on. Carpet Court ensures customers receive the product most suited to their requirements, with providing extraordinary customer experiences during the customer journey being a major focus.

Carpet Court’s sales people are taught to identify a customer’s personal situation by asking a few select questions and actively listening which enables them to help select the most suitable product.

It’s important that its sales people show empathy towards customers and understand the emotions and process of renovation/redecoration, as purchasing flooring is a highly involved purchase.

Using customer after-sales surveys and monitoring customer feedback helps to benchmark the level of service. These provide relevant customer service tools and information to ensure the teams are able to learn from their peers and share with each other what excellent service looks like.